Book Britannia Ballerinas – Event Ballerinas

Book Britannia Ballerinas – Event Ballerinas

Book Britannia Ballerinas – Event Ballerinas

Our Britannia Ballerinas provide outstanding British-themed entertainment that will make every audience member in Britain shine with pride and patriotism while also giving audiences outside a taste of Britain.
The Union Jack is draped across their white tutus, and these distinctly British ballerinas have a royal air about them whenever they perform. They are the ideal event entertainment for any occasion aiming to create a British or global theme.

Our British ballerinas are the ideal accent to any corporate events, British themed party, Royal celebration, or international themed event and are guaranteed to dazzle guests from all around the world.

Our Britannia Ballerinas can perform in a very lovely and patriotic manner, but they can also wear LED tutus to ensure that they can be seen even when the lights are dim. These gorgeous British ballerinas illuminate every event and give each one a daytime and nighttime appearance thanks to the LED lights that are incorporated into their tutus and tiaras.

Our London-based ballet business is rapidly making strides in the field of event ballerinas, and we are able to create custom routines and shows to fit any occasion. Our event ballerinas have crafted a custom ballet presentation for jewellery companies Cartier and Boodles in addition to touring the globe performing their exquisite routines at prestigious sites like Kensington Palace and the V&A.
Every time they perform, our classically trained Britannia Ballerinas wow audiences of all ages with their expert classical technique and pointe work, giving high-end entertainment that will leave every guest wanting more. These amazing ballerinas are sure to dazzle with their expertise performing with ballet organisations like The English National Ballet, Kirov, and Bolshoi.
Our ballerinas can perform for small groups as well as on large stages and can also be scaled down to solo, duet, and trio performances. They can create completely costumed and choreographed routines for occasions of all sizes.
These Britannia Ballerinas are ideal for corporate events, private parties, gala dinners, PR stunts, brand reveals, and festivals. With their beautiful performances and gorgeous costumes, they evoke a nostalgic atmosphere at every event.

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