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Book Champagne Dress Netherlands

Book Champagne Dress Netherlands

Watch as your guests mingle with these stunning champagne ladies as they constantly make sure that everyone's glasses are filled when you hire champagne dress Netherlands. This spectacular construction of a dress can hold dessert glasses, champagne, and more, making it a distinctive and novel way to serve your beverages and appetisers. Our champagne ladies can handle up to 100 glasses or nibbles, and they can also hold candy bags to hand out to guests as they come.
Our wandering champagne girls can programme their dress to display various colours on the four rings that make up the skirt of the dress using the most recent LED technology available. These hostesses are often a crowd pleaser at events thanks to their personalised, highly interactive service that leaves every visitor with a huge grin on their face and a drink in their hand.
These champagne dresses offer customizable options so they may be made to properly fit your event, whether it's an all-white party, a Brazilian theme, a pink candy theme, or everything in between. Our champagne dresses can be reserved individually or in pairs, so you can be confident that every visitor is taken care of while your event is going on. Our hostesses provide the whole package and ensure exceptional service at every event, making for wonderful photo opportunities.
Top Tip: Our champagne costumes look amazing when teamed with our stilt walker entertainers to truly show off your event and accent your event decor! You can pick among stilt walkers with white themes, Brazilian themes, floral themes, and more.
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