Book Classical String Quartet Kings

Book Classical String Quartet Kings

Book Classical String Quartet Kings

This string quartet can provide sophistication and a suitable atmosphere to any event thanks to its repertoire, which draws inspiration from classical, Hollywood, and mainstream music. Four professional soloists with classical training who have appeared alongside Lady Gaga, Il Divo, Andrew Lloyd Webber, at the BBC Proms, and at Eurovision make up the Quartet. They can perform their own original arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs, such as tunes from The Beatles, The Verve, and Oasis, in addition to playing traditional classical works. They provide a wide variety of repertoire and, upon request, may arrange songs, making each event unique. The quartet playing in the background can match any occasion nicely because they have a base in Antibes. The quartet's collection of jazz, pop, and classical songs has become incredibly well-liked in the yachting community. They are constantly recognised and greatly appreciated for their innate sense of what to play, whether they are gracing an outdoor gathering or enhancing friendly conversation. Get in touch with our helpful staff of entertainment experts to learn more about booking.

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