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Jay is quickly rising to the top of the list of corporate entertainers and emcees in demand, from Australia to Japan, the USA to India.
It's fantastic to watch him enter a room and engage any kind of audience. To engage audiences and encourage conversation among attendees, he incorporates his talents as a magician, comic, and even a pickpocket.
Jay is eager to work with you since he has experience working with the biggest brands, has amassed over 30 million YouTube views, and has engaged audiences in more than a dozen nations.
Multi-Day/Master of Ceremonies Facilitation
Jay is a well-known MC who will not only keep your event running well but also astonish the audience, make them laugh, and get everyone mingling throughout the entire event.
Jay has dealt with all various types of people, in all different businesses on three continents, whether you need an MC for your awards nights or a facilitator throughout your three-day conference. You not only get an MC who customises his presentation for your event, but you also get an MC who is entertaining, likeable, and engaging to every crowd he encounters.
Laughter Show
Keep your watch, tie, belt, and even your shirt close to hand! Jay will perform at your upcoming event with his hysterically entertaining and extremely interactive pickpocket presentation.
This man combines his charm, wit, and dexterous hands to pick the pockets of anybody he meets. Nothing is safe from him. This performance is incredibly original, enjoyable, and interactive!
Principal Speaker
Over the past ten years, Jay has interacted with hundreds of thousands of individuals and has picked up a few tips on how to engage and connect with them. He currently makes use of his real-world experiences to assist businesses of all sizes in connecting and engaging with their personnel, customers, and people.
Whether Jay works with your team during a day-long workshop or shares his skills during a 45-minute keynote address, his presentations are always incredibly enjoyable, educational, entertaining, and most importantly, engaging.
Keynote Subject: How To Engage Your Staff, Clients, And People Effortlessly
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