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Book Cristina Ramos

Book Cristina Ramos

Cristina Ramos, the winner of Spain's Got Talent, is sure to make an impression at your event with her explosive blend of opera and rock. В
Spanish talent contest winner
This well-known rock opera singer, who opened the ceremony with a bang, has grown in popularity as a result of her appearances on both "Spain Got Talent" and "America's Got Talent: The Champions."
She mesmerised the judges of both Spain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent after dazzling audiences in her native Spain and overseas. Cristina is an expert in rock opera, and her excellent soprano voice enables her to achieve tones that few singers can. В
This artist's amazing talent, which allows her to switch between different styles with ease, has not gone unnoticed by Youtube users: in just a few days, her videos received hundreds of millions of views.
Cristina is willing to customise her rock talent presentation for your occasion and can sing with live instruments or to background tracks while also inviting a male rock opera singer to participate with her.
unique fusion of rock and opera
Her rock talent performance combines opera and rock on one stage while offering a distinctive fusion of genres. She dazzles audiences with a wide range of classics, from opera to anthems by Lady Gaga, Queen, or Whitney Houston, masterfully fusing her aptitude for both genres. В
Her rock talent performance features hits in both Spanish and English, making her the ideal live music entertainment option for parties with multinational audiences.
With a long list of distinguished clientele, Cristina has received requests to play at some of the most exclusive events from companies like Porsche, Cartier, Cepsa, Fiat, and Mercedes-Benz.
This incredible rock opera vocalist, who is available for galas, after-dinner events, WOW factor concerts, and parties anywhere in the world, will make sure your event is one to remember.
Employ a rock opera vocalist
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