Book Daniel Craig Impersonator ”“ James Bond Lookalike | London

Book Daniel Craig Impersonator ”“ James Bond Lookalike | London

Book Daniel Craig Impersonator ”“ James Bond Lookalike | London

Our very own Daniel Craig impersonator, one of the most sought-after James Bond impersonators, has been engaged for a variety of events, including meet and greets, corporate events, TV and film, trade exhibitions, private parties, charity events, auctions, and hosting movie premieres.
Ideal for any James Bond-themed event or any situation where you want a top British agent to stir things up, win over the ladies, and catch the bad guys! Our Daniel Craig impersonator is sure to draw attention and generate a lot of buzz everywhere he goes.
Since his first job in Monte Carlo back in 2007, our 007 has been regarded as the best Daniel Craig impersonator. He has hosted awards in London, launched movie premieres in United States, emerged from the sea in St. Tropez, and even garnered over 20,000,000 views on YouTube for his debut on Britain's Got Talent. All of these feats have been accomplished with a cool and unwavering confidence.
Our impersonator and Daniel Craig possess the same height, build, hair colour, and, of course, the amazing baby blues that have made Daniel Craig a household name despite being born just two weeks apart.

This slick-talking spy, who exudes complete professionalism, charms visitors, amuses them, and makes sure that every event runs smoothly. You can be sure that our James Bond impersonator, who has received a lot of media attention and demand, will impress your guests at your event and provide a real 007 touch to every occasion.
Visit our Themed Entertainment section and select the James Bond 007 category to learn more about the various James Bond characters you may hire in addition to our Daniel Craig impersonation.
Are you looking to hire 007? Reach out to our entertainment experts right away.

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