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Book Digital Magic Twin Show

Book Digital Magic Twin Show

The ultimate double act, watch how our twins manipulate their surroundings and quickly switch between the physical and digital worlds while bringing digital aspects into the actual world. This dynamic duo will have every visitor on the edge of their seat as they take them on a journey through their captivating narrative while they play. Our digital magic twin performance accomplishes the impossible by creating characters and objects out of a screen!
Our French illusionists navigate between the physical and digital worlds, building a digital story with their leading woman as they add props and control the surroundings, taking the audience on a journey. This incredibly playful act utterly shocked the judges and audiences of America's Got Talent.
The best is saved for last: watch as the twins transform their digital girl into a real person, and then be amazed as they work their magic to make a second version of her materialise out of thin air! Every visitor will be enthralled by the performance's visual beauty and wonder how it was done. Our twins give digital close-up performances in addition to their visual displays to truly immerse your guests in the action. Along with their performance on France's Got Talent, our French twins astounded the judges on America's Got Talent with a video game battling scene where our magicians transformed into actual avatars! These creative magicians have produced a show that is avant-garde, highly engaging, and singular, leaving every audience member talking about it for years to come without ever explaining how they do it. Perfect for business gatherings, gala dinners, advertising, private parties, and any occasion that calls for a unique magic act. The perfect magic show for your upcoming occasion is this futuristic performance.
Top Tip: Your CEO or special guest can appear out of the screen with the adaptable and adaptive digital magic performance.
Contact our entertainment specialists to schedule our digital magic twin show, or check the sites for close-up magic and iPad magic to learn more about our duo.

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