Book Digital Speed Painting Spain

Book Digital Speed Painting Spain

Book Digital Speed Painting Spain

Put the paintbrush aside; conventional painting is obsolete. Light painting is a feature of the present. Right before your eyes, our talented speed painter creates a digital speed painting. The newest technology in entertainment, this digital art will wow visitors from all over the world.
Our gifted speed artists have developed a roughly 10-minute light painting show that can be customised for a variety of event kinds as digital art rises to new heights. In front of a live audience, several images are created during this digital speed painting performance. In this cutting-edge form of entertainment, high-tech software is used behind a video screen to enable the speed painter to employ special lights to simulate painting. Light painting combines realistic and drawn images with various colours, textures, and virtual painting effects.
The light painting act is especially suitable for brand reveals or product launches because it can be tailored to your needs and features imagery and branding of your choice. This digital art piece is presented by our speed painter as a participatory interactive performance. The technology is set up so that attendees can digitally sketch on the car itself, as you can see in the first video for an event using a Smart car.
Sony, BT, Chesterfield, Carrefour, Samsung, Smart Car, and other companies have previously commissioned digital speed paintings from our painters.
Contact our team of experts at Bella Entertainment to reserve this cutting-edge digital speed painting entertainment for your event.

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