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Book Edible Bubble Show

Book Edible Bubble Show

For really original entertainment, reserve a spot at our bubble show. You've never seen or tasted anything like this food and beverage act before! This bubble display produces edible bubbles from its volcano for your guests to consume.
Any flavour of edible bubbles can be produced using the bubble machine. Even basil, if that's what you prefer, bubble gum (get it? ), or any other food you like. Additionally, the delectable show may be alcoholic, and while they are unlikely to make you drunk, enjoying a nice glass of bubbles with a G&T flavour will always be a topic of conversation.
Best of all, there are no calories in the bubbles! So long as they don't raid the buffet, you may eat incessantly without having to worry about gaining any weight. В
This act is a great icebreaker and conversation starter more than anything else. Everyone will recall from their own childhoods that it is difficult to catch bubbles since they tend to float out into the ether and all over the place. The only way to enjoy these bubbles is to catch them in your mouth and eat them, as it's also extremely difficult to capture one intact in your hands.
It's easier said than done, though. And you can be sure that your evening will be amusing since everyone will be vying for the edible bubbles, hoping to make a fool of themselves a little bit. Everyone will want a taste once the first person has been mocked for trying.
As the saying goes, "once you pop, you just can't stop," so it is with this act. These tasty and programmable bubbles simply need a power source to operate, making them ideal for any type of party or event that calls for something a little odd and distinctive as well as a place where people want to mix, mingle, and have a lot of fun.
Make an appointment with our team of passionate entertainment planners right once to book our fantastic edible bubble show.

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