Book Epico The Dragon

Book Epico The Dragon

Book Epico The Dragon

Epico, a vibrant and impressive 5 m tall animatronic dragon, and Aurelious Jones, his companion on his quest for treasure and adventure, are available for three 20 minute shows or three 20 minute local walkabouts. Sir Aurelious Jones, an explorer, performer, and ladies' man, welcomes kids and adults to his most magnificent travelling extravaganza. вЂoe the fabled capture of Epico the Magnificent, the last dragon ever known to exist. Or a story with bravery and daring! ”
Sir Aurelious Jones draws a throng for The Show. A member of the audience is picked as the golden child, chosen by the destiny for their brave heart. They leave the everyday world behind as they embark on a Hero's Journey with Sir Aurelious after successfully completing three tests and earning the Golden Breastplate. They recreate the journey to find and tame the beast. Sir Aurelious must be saved from imminent death in the dragon's lair by the youngster, who must also educate him how to get along with the monster. The youngster is knighted once the cosmos have been brought back into equilibrium before departing the heroic world changed. The biggest, brightest, and most beautiful monster ever seen will be up up and personal for everyone to behold at the conclusion of the event, which will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. You might meet someone, but only if you're brave!
The Walkabout is a localised walkabout by Sir Aurelious, an intrepid companion, and Epico, a colourful and amazing 5 m animatronic dragon (with onboard sound & smoke systems). Their tumultuous relationship is depicted throughout in a broad humorous style with plenty of heartwarming moments.

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