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Book Fake Paps

Book Fake Paps

Start the evening off right by having the talented Fake Paps crew take pictures of you and your visitors as they arrive! The outcomes are also quite organic because the phoney paparazzi make guests giggle, giving them the impression that they are real A-Listers.
The fake paps will provide a humorous and enjoyable touch to the event while making sure they obtain some amazing photographed moments for you and your guests to cherish forever. All your visitors need to do is take in the A-List celebrity buzz, secure in the assurance that they won't be plastered over the morning's celebrity magazines.
There are also comic interviews by a shady "NewsCrew" reporter available to give your party a glittering premier night vibe. These interviews will have your "Super Stars" falling about on the red carpet in no time with cheeky jibes, ad-libs, and quick-fire laughs.
All images will be available for guests to view, copy, and share on your own dedicated website within roughly 2-3 working days after a brief photoshop session. There is also an online print purchase option.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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