Book Female Sword Swallower Stunt Act

Book Female Sword Swallower Stunt Act

Book Female Sword Swallower Stunt Act

Watch as our female sword swallower dazzles your guests by working with odd objects and consuming them while remaining entirely uninjured. She has performed to praise all over the world, and each of her acts combines style, comedy, and stunts to create a mesmerising display that is impossible to look away from. The thrilling stunt act performed by our Berlin sword swallower captivates the audience and leaves them wanting more.
Observe our sword swallower as she effortlessly slides a massive blade down her throat. В One of the first artists to swallow actual flowers was our female sword swallower! An amazing sword swallower who combines the art of swallowing a sword with magic in a distinctive and stylish manner that is captivating to behold.
This female sword swallower was nurtured in a cosmopolitan environment after being born in Russia and raised in Sweden and England. She can speak four languages and has performed in over 22 countries as a result of her global upbringing.
This circus show, which features one of the only surviving female sword swallowers who holds a number of world and Guinness records, is in constant demand.
In addition to this amazing stunt act that involves swallowing swords, flowers, and other unusual materials, our daredevil is also capable of mind-blowing magic tricks that are incredibly engaging and impressive!
Our sword swallower has performed for royal families, presidents, art and fashion events, charity events, and more in addition to numerous TV shows, gala events, cabarets, theatres, and festivals across the world.
A woman who can swallow a sword will definitely wow everyone in the audience.
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