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Book Flag Dancers

Book Flag Dancers

With a selection of three distinctive and distinctive performances, this gifted group of flag dancers adds flare and elegance to any gathering.
Performances of the St. George's Day flag and light-emitting dance
This performance features stilts and combines modern dance with rhythmic gymnastics. It may also be called a flag or red-and-white ribbon performance. Staged performances can be adapted to fit a variety of performance settings with the help of an uplifting, magnificent score. Although strong lights (visible in daytime) can be added to any costume, they all function just as well without them. These dancers can also perform as a travelling act, sing or dance together while wearing their own music boxes if necessary. They provide a sizable selection of pre-made coloured dresses that may be customised to produce a wide range of appearances. This act utilises the space and adds a substantial splash of colour and energy. It is colourful and enthusiastic.
A flag performance for The Fates
This performance is wonderful in any setting, whether it's a staged production or a dazzling dance-about to inject life into your gathering. Artists can wear portable sound equipment and lights for travelling performances, if necessary. They can dance together or separately, hand out flowers or treats while dancing, and, if necessary, welcome and direct the audience. Shows can be arranged in a variety of settings, including traditional stages, to meet the occasion. Their extensive outfit selection can be customised to fit any theme. If you wish to start a conversation or have a light conversation, choose this behaviour.
Dear Sailorettes, please perform the flag
With this nautically themed performance, set sail for a nostalgic pleasure cruise. Just what the ship's doctor ordered for audiences of all ages at maritime-themed events. The dresses can be equipped with lighting and portable sound systems as needed. This performer may improvise or follow a script, all the while interacting with the audience and dancing (e.g. welcoming and guiding, handing out ships biscuits and chocolate anchors, applying faux anchor tattoos to audience members). Additionally, they are accessible for staged performances.

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