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Our group of well regarded culinary artists and sculptors provides food-themed entertainment that will wow attendees at your event. These well-known food artists have been highlighted on some of the top US TV networks and in significant foreign publications.
They are the ONLY group of food artists who are capable of producing food-themed artwork using any and all culinary mediums. You can hire food sculptures fashioned out of: chocolate, candy, pasta, bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables, pulled sugar, cookies and gingerbread, ice, and much more. They can also make beautiful edible costumes, which is ideal for business occasions that require entertainment with a wow factor!
If you're looking for a professional food artist to style food for a magazine photo shoot, create one-of-a-kind food art for a publication, design an elaborate custom ice sculpture for a corporate event, or create an interactive demonstration to enthral guests at an exhibition, corporate team building day, or food festival, this group of food sculptors can accommodate you and your event.
Our food artists are ideal for international festivals and business events because they speak Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, English, and other languages.
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Want a unique work of culinary art? You can order something entirely unique from our famous chefs and culinary artisans. For further information, speak to our entertainment coordinators.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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