Book Instrumental EDM Band – Live Dance Music UK

Book Instrumental EDM Band – Live Dance Music UK

Book Instrumental EDM Band – Live Dance Music UK

Having trouble choosing between a DJ and a covers band? But you also enjoy EDM, therefore you want an instrumental band. Need a distinctive band to wow your audience and leave a lasting impression on them at your event?
This brilliant collection of musicians performs the biggest Dance, UK Garage, and Club Classics ever using only live instruments, an innovation that few other ensembles in the world can claim. These stylish fellers are a distinctive act that will create a lasting impression on your guests. They have years of experience performing at events all around the world. Get rid of the DJ and the bar music in favour of a high-end, well-maintained booty-shaking machine.
Our Instrumental Club Classics band specialises in non-stop DJ-style medleys of all your favourite House, Dance, UK Garage, Drum 'n' Bass, and Pop tunes from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and today. from Dizzie Rascal to The Eurythmics to Calvin Harris, all without a hitch!
Ingenious use of guitar pedals, vocals, live drum sounds, and bass by the band, who diligently researched their sound, gives their entire concert a full, clean, and EDM-inspired feel. Our Instrumental Club Classics band performs a flawless concert while offering live music to your event—something no DJ can provide. This group will go well with a variety of event kinds because they combine two very distinct musical genres. The ensemble will immediately attract attention and create a sensation among guests and delegates alike at venues such as clubs, festival sets, private parties, and corporate events.
This band relies exclusively on their instruments and signal processing, employing no feedback loops, backing tracks, samples, or any of the other techniques typically used by bands to achieve an electronic sound. EDM, commercial house, UK garage, drum n' bass, and more genres are included on their set list. Long medleys of club songs will never cease to astound and wow your audience. They will also become instant hits with fans of both electronic and acoustic music.
Book the Instrumental Club Classics right away for such a positive atmosphere and amazing musicianship.
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