Book LED Performer Montreal Glow Act

Book LED Performer Montreal Glow Act

Book LED Performer Montreal Glow Act

Montreal, a stunning LED performer, will illuminate your event as she hits the stage and wows audiences of all ages with mesmerising acts. The ideal performance for any event aiming to make a big impact is a glow act or LED show with stunning graphics and captivating choreography.
This glow performance uses multicoloured LED props to create a delight for all the senses, transporting viewers to an other realm of tranquil lights and graceful motions. This multi-talented performer customises each and every show to properly suit each specific event, whether you want an LED artist for your brand launch, wedding, Bat Mitzvah, or private party.
Options include:
a number of LED hoops
Automatable Lighting Butterfly Wings Poi LED
This adaptable Canadian LED performer provides entertainment for a variety of events with a selection of LED props and acts. This performer can guarantee a standout routine whether your main goal is to increase brand awareness at your business event with a poi performance that contains your logo or to provide calming entertainment that appears to be a glowing butterfly or whirling hula hoopist to fascinate people.
Our LED dancer may perform as a soloist as well as a member of a pair for a genuine atmospheric effect. She also offers shows for the main stage as well as mobile entertainment choices.
Contact our entertainment specialists to book our LED Performer in Montreal or for additional details.

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