Book Live Chocolate 3D Carver Uk

Book Live Chocolate 3D Carver Uk

Book Live Chocolate 3D Carver Uk

Your celebration will be elevated by the high-tech live chocolate carver, who will also provide your guests with edible gifts of their faces on chocolate lollipops. An intriguing event that engages your guests through an interactive engagement unlike anything they have ever had. They are given an edible gift that either features their face, a predetermined face, or your logo and they may either eat it right away or take it home as a memento. While logos must be ordered in advance, attendees' faces can be printed live during the event. A totally customizable service, the chocolate carver can be used for a variety of events, including conferences, product launches, weddings, dinner parties, and something a little more unusual.
Live in front of your visitors, transform their heads into chocolate lollipop edible gifts and give them the chance to taste their own heads. A 3D scan of each participant's head only takes a minute of their time. Right before their eyes, the image is transformed into a cuttable file and carved onto a white or milk chocolate lollypop, creating an amazing participatory experience. They may print up to 10 pages an hour for a total of 8 hours during the procedure, which takes about 6 minutes. The chocolate lollipops are bagged and have a shelf life of six months starting on the day they were made. Additionally, they can add a unique label that will be available that day and be covered in gold as well!
You have the option of having pre-made chocolate lollipops accessible for your event in addition to a live chocolate carver. The bride and groom, for instance, as an edible present for wedding guests, are all possible with this choice since it is more flexible and customizable and allows anything from logos and branding to items. a fantastic choice for large-scale events when live printing might not be able to supply enough chocolate lollipops.
A fast head-scan during your event is a third possibility. They can have as many of the delicious gifts delivered within days of the event by saving the 3D scan to a personal online account that is nearly instantaneously accessible through mobile phone or any device. By choosing this option, kids may watch the chocolate being carved, participate in the experience, and purchase as many chocolate lollipops as they'd like. The quantity purchased online never expires, so you may keep receiving delicious chocolate heads!
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somewhere in the United Kingdom
may print between 10 and 12 cents per hour.
High-quality milk or white chocolate is available.
Available are ready-made chocolate lollipops.
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