Book Multicultural Dance Show

Book Multicultural Dance Show

Book Multicultural Dance Show

Your visitors will have the chance to experience global travel without ever leaving their seats thanks to our incredibly spectacular dancing group from United States. In a single, dynamic performance, the multicultural dance presentation exposes viewers to a wide range of dance styles from other cultures. Each time a new group of themed dancers enters the stage, they perform a high-impact routine that is meaningful to their nation.
Dance routines and costumes from all around the world are featured in the 30 minute high energy event. There are many other alternatives for the themed dancer, including Egypt, Hawaii, Lebanon, Russia, India, Great Britain, and the Middle East. The multi-national dance performance can be entirely customised to include the nations the client prefers and can have a different runtime.
The dance ensemble behind this incredible global dance performance has hubs in United States, Lebanon, and Egypt. Performers can travel for international events, and they have easy access to all Middle Eastern events.
All of the acts from the multicultural dance performance are available to book on their own, where you can have a dance collective of at least 6 performers and a routine of five to seven minutes if you need themed dancers to do a certain cultural choreography or represent a particular country.

Get in touch with Bella Entertainment to reserve this incredibly energetic international dance spectacle for your special occasion.

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