Book Online Festive Chocolate Making

Book Online Festive Chocolate Making

Book Online Festive Chocolate Making

What might I anticipate from this entertaining workshop? Oli the Choc, our in-house expert chocolatier, will guide participants through this interactive session while live-streaming it from his studio and demonstrating important chocolate-making methods including heating, tempering, and piping. Making opulent chocolate truffles in the shape of Christmas pudding that can include whiskey for an extra festive feel, or amusing chocolate lollipops in the shapes of stars, Christmas trees, reindeer, or a combination of all of them, are just a few of the workshops that can be customised to your needs and available time. 2. For how long will the online event run? The length of the virtual sessions might range from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the chosen activity. Oli will, however, be pleased to adjust the course to your needs if necessary. 3. What supplies will the visitors require for the session? Prior to the virtual event, your guests will get luxury chocolate kit boxes with all the ingredients they need to participate. They can even add a tiny bottle of whisky to the truffles to make them feel even more joyful! Only standard domestic things like dishes, microwaves, and stoves will be required of guests.

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