Book Online Harp Relaxation Workshop

Book Online Harp Relaxation Workshop

Book Online Harp Relaxation Workshop

How does this online experience operate? The Conistabile Method of guided imagery harp therapy is used in this very soothing online guided meditation and mind painting experience to support the preservation of good mental health. This virtual course, which is held on the video conferencing platform Zoom, combines tranquil harp music played by a professional musician with calming speech cues that lead participants on an imagined journey. These sessions, which emphasise deep relaxation, assist web visitors in focusing on their breathing and consciously relaxing their bodies. The participants can watch our wonderful harpist's serene harp playing through a single static camera, though many opt to close their eyes during the session. 2. Can this session be modified? Absolutely! The programme can be tailored by our host to have the desired effect on attendees. For instance, if you want to have an evening session for your online participants, she can close the workshop by lulling participants into a profound state of relaxation to help them drift off to sleep. Alternatively, if you'd prefer a daytime class, she can close it with energising music to reawaken participants and prepare them for the rest of the workday. Additionally, our host might endeavour to give the participants a specific visualisation. This may involve participants visualising themselves successfully doing a specific meaningful action, like winning a significant race, or it could take place in a tranquil setting that holds some unique significance for you. Just let us know what you're thinking in advance so we can incorporate these customizations into the price and provide guidance on necessary lead times. 3. How many guests are allowed to attend? There is no set need for the minimum number of attendees, and this class is suitable even for lone online visitors. The maximum number of attendees will be at least in part determined by your video conferencing platform, and our host can host up to 100 attendees. 4. What prerequisites must guests meet in order to take part? Visitors will require a cosy, peaceful environment. While not strictly necessary, blankets, pillows, and headphones are all highly advised. Strong internet access, a device to watch the session on, and experience with Zoom are also requirements for virtual participants.

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