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Book Silhouette Artist Alison

Book Silhouette Artist Alison

One of the few silhouette artists still working in England is Alison. She has mastered this uncommon and timeless art style that calls to mind a custom that was very common in the Victorian era. In just a few minutes, she cuts out the subject's profile portrait using only scissors and paper, producing a lovely, intricate resemblance.
Her grandmother, a well-known painter and silhouette artist for more than 50 years, taught Alison how to cut silhouette pictures. Alison started her career as a freelance silhouette artist after receiving her Bachelor of Arts in illustration. She now cuts at a variety of events, including weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, charity balls, trade shows, festivals, and corporate events.
Emirates Palace is only one of the numerous famous places where Alison has performed ()
Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the Royal Courts of Justice
St James Palace and the Royal Academy of Art
National Portrait Exhibition
Club de football Arsenal
Crown Ascot
She has created silhouette portraits of a number of famous people, including:
Singer Princess Anne Linda Bassey
Politician John Portillo
Footballer Matthew Le Saux
renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, television host Ronald Ross
performer Linda Robson
A memorable approach to mark a significant occasion is using silhouette art. Alison's silhouettes have been referred to as "the frosting on the cake" because they bring a touch of sophistication and beauty to the party. Making their silhouettes will make your guests happy. Their best features are highlighted by the naturally attractive impact.
To produce a completely personalised remembrance to take home and display, guests receive their photograph in a customised card that can also be custom printed to incorporate specific facts of the event, such as the names of the wedding couple, the date, and the venue.

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