Book The Acrobats of China & Chinese Acrobatic Troupe

Book The Acrobats of China & Chinese Acrobatic Troupe

Book The Acrobats of China & Chinese Acrobatic Troupe

A brave group of real Chinese acrobats dazzle the audience with their extraordinary skills, daring routines, and thrilling displays of agility, balance, strength, and flexibility. The Acrobats of China are well-known for their vibrant costumes and breathtaking interpretations of traditional Chinese dance, and they have delighted audiences all over the world.
The Acrobats of China have over twenty performers in their incredibly diversified show, and they are continually adding new performers to their roster to include award-winning acts like human strength, juggling, diabolo, chair stack, butterfly lovers, spinning girls, and contortionists!

Our acrobats can be booked as part of a smaller lineup for more private performances, and they can be specially chosen to fit your occasion. We offer a custom line up and presentation. An excellent complement to any corporate event, private party, theme park, or other occasion that calls for the best calibre authentic Chinese entertainment.
These acrobats perform exhilarating acts that are entirely distinctive to themselves, like a lion dance, human juggling, contortion, flying a human flag, and more, bringing a true taste of China to your event. This acrobatic group will amaze audiences of all ages with a performance that is genuinely outstanding by fusing authentic Chinese costumes with traditional Chinese entertainment. These top-notch acrobats wow spectators with their dynamic performances, which draw people from all over as they flip, spin, juggle, and dance around the stage. The Acrobats of China are a multifaceted show that has wowed audiences of all ages throughout the world. They provide your guests lifelong memories.
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