Book The Lighting Cube Show

Book The Lighting Cube Show

Book The Lighting Cube Show

A new dimension of providing entertainment that can be customised for each individual client is offered by the personification of acrobatic skills using contemporary art, LED lights, and mystic silhouettes!
The LIGHTING CUBE SHOW introduces a brand-new age of performances built on the mix of MUSIC & LIGHT EFFECTS, MOVING SILOUETTES, PROJECTIONS, and MODERN JUGGLE ART!
Mystical compositions created by shapes in the cube's elastic inside display a timeless performance, which is emphasised by the unusual attire with its LED lights. Additionally, the silver cube uses outstanding speed to project oratorically in the air, displaying the visual aspect of artistic abilities.
This cube act performance is ideal for corporate events of all kinds, stages, and fairs. It may even be used as a living dйcor as a projection plate for advertisements that include company logos, images, and videos.
There will be a performance for about 6 1/2 minutes.
Simple eye-catching brand and logo representation up to 1.50m (each side) square size before and during the exhibition by:
LASER & LIGHT projection
video display
The new dimension of projection walls positioned as the focal point and in conjunction with live performances on stage brings images, PowerPoints, and video clips together!

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