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A stunning production from Mumbai called Ticket To Bollywood brings the grandeur and extravagance of Bollywood dance and song to life. Bollywood is India's most well-known export to the rest of the globe. Bollywood, the largest film business in the world and the most well-liked form of entertainment in the nation, is a symbol of everything that India is: colourful, dynamic, multifaceted, and united in its diversity.
During its 90-minute duration, this show will recreate the mystique of India through Bollywood for you. The show, which is divided into three clearly defined sections, covers the entire spectrum of Indian cultural diversity through countless costumes and jewellery. It is a miniature of four decades of Bollywood condensed into 90 minutes of vibrant colours, high-octane energy, and amazing Bollywood visuals and sounds. The three parts are broken up into three categories: dances based on classical forms; traditional Indian folk and festival dances; and, finally, the big Indian wedding dances scenario, a crucial component of Bollywood movies.
An elegant combination of well-known Bollywood tunes unites the various sections. Bollywood movies now feature music that is a fusion of traditional Indian music and many other cultures, including Arabic, reggae, hip hop, and trance. This music strikes a chord in everyone's heart. A cyclorama of film history, legendary tunes, and colourful costumes—Ticket to Bollywood is Bollywood purified.
Recent performances by Ticket To Bollywood include:
Japanese and Indian relationships over 60 years. 63rd Snow Festival debuts in Sapporo, Japan, in February 2012.
India's Pravaasi Bhartiya Diwas were held in Jaipur in January 2012.
Mumbai, India's celebration of Africa Day in April 2011
Maximum INDIA Festival in March 2011 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.
Ottawa, Canada's Canadian Museum of Civilization, March 2011
Trinidad and Tobago's National Council of Indian Culture, April 2011
Canada's Montreal hosted Year of India celebrations in April 2011.
July 2010: Shanghai Expo
7th International Folkart Festival's opening ceremony took place in July 2011 in Huhhot, China.
July 2010: A month-long visit of 15 Chinese cities

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