Book Traditional Chinese Drum Shows

Book Traditional Chinese Drum Shows

Book Traditional Chinese Drum Shows

One of the most well-known types of traditional Chinese entertainment is Chinese drumming. It has a very rich cultural history, and Chinese drumming performances occur in a wide range of forms, sizes, and theatrics. В
Genuine Chinese drum performances for audiences globe
The Shanghai-based Chinese drumming ensemble was established by a group enthusiastic about this traditional Chinese pastime. In order to best serve the clients, they are now a diverse collective that offers individualised line-ups and a wide range of traditional Chinese drum performances. They have been to the United States, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and many other nations with their performances of Chinese drumming. Olympic opening ceremonies, Spring Festival galas, international expos, and cultural events are only a few of their past events.
They perform Chinese drumming at:
Soldier Qin2 Wang2 Point (Qin wang dian bin)
Tiger buffalo (Niu dou hu)
Yang family generals who are women (Yang men nv jiang)
Wed your mouse (Lao shu dian bin)
The battle cymbal (Zhan gu)
The Golden Pheasant Mountain, The Yellow River Boatman (Huang he chan fu) (Jin ji chu shan)
the walnut around (Gun he tao)
Dream interpretation (Yuan meng): Cicada drum and everlasting (Chan gu ming xin)
Customized traditional Chinese entertainment for your event
The Chinese drumming performances can all be customised for any occasion. The group numbers, wonderful realistic costume possibilities, and duration of your event can all vary, regardless of whether it is held indoors or outside. Get in touch with our multilingual staff to reserve a Chinese drum show for any occasion.

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