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With this UV Stage Show, your event will be elevated to a new level. This visual feast's star performers include LED lighting effects and UV technology. Our UV light performers employ a variety of props, like bright cyr wheels, ribbons, and cubes, to give audiences a memorable experience.
Our UV Stage Show may be customised to meet your unique needs and is appropriate for brand presentation parties, corporate events, and product launches. You can add your brand's logo or merchandise to any of the pre-recorded shows that these UV light artists have to offer. Depending on your preferences and the needs of the event, the length of their performance might range from 6 to 20 minutes.
To get the most out of this act, at least two LED acrobats are required; however, for 15-minute shows, five performers are advised. Their shows can be modified to accommodate additional acrobats as needed. Any event may be customised and entirely branded with UV Stage Show. Don't pass up this chance to convey your brand message in a unique, attention-grabbing manner. If you can't deliver a total blackout but this is the kind of act you're looking for, look no further.
UV Stage Show may be performed in partially dark environments, making it appropriate for a variety of settings, including nighttime outdoor performances.
UV lamps and equipment can be given upon request, so all that is needed for the act to be performed is a large, dry, clean stage with the proper lighting.
If you're searching for an LED act performed in total darkness, you can also check out our Black Light Show or Pyro Show and Fireshow, which both feature amazing fire acts.
Our team of international coordinators, who are the foremost experts in the world when it comes to entertainment, can give you additional information about this act, the ones mentioned above, and more.
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