Book Vertical Sport Performance Team

Book Vertical Sport Performance Team

Book Vertical Sport Performance Team

Is that a bird or a plane, please? No, it's an airborne sporting event! Part of the enjoyment of this amusing act is that you may be wondering how on earth it is feasible to hold a sporting event from the air.
This captivating vertical act combines professionally trained acrobats dangling from safely tied ropes to perform on a 90° facade. Each larger-than-life presentation includes dramatic choreography to give the appearance of a nail-biting sports event and contains a wide variety of games, including football, tennis, rugby, athletics, and more.
The originality of this special sports-themed entertainment show is adored by spectators who stand beneath the field and look up to watch the game. Our Vertical Sport Performance Team collaborates with each client to design the ideal presentation for their event. We have worked with several high-profile companies, including BMW, Panasonic, O2, and Redbull. This wow factor act is ideal for sporting events, product launches, business events, and awards ceremonies since it can be tailored for each performance with branded pitches, attire, and creative choreography. For more information on booking a high impact sports-themed show for your event, don't hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team at Bella Entertainment Germany right now.
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Inquire today to learn more about the additional acts we can provide for your event, like as vertical fashion shows, aerial percussionists, and silk acrobatics.

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