Book Victorian Magicians – Quirky Magic Show UK

Book Victorian Magicians – Quirky Magic Show UK

Book Victorian Magicians – Quirky Magic Show UK

Organize a stage presentation featuring our amazing time-traveling magicians, who have sped ahead from the 1800s to offer us a sample of their Victorian-themed close-up magic. Whatever the occasion, this comedy magic team will have you gasping in awe and splitting your sides.
The pair provides a full stage performance with a lavish, imperial set dressing that simulates a Victorian mansion's drawing parlour. In this hour-long spectacular, they entertain volunteers with a variety of amusing antics that make use of their special ability to travel across time. For smaller venues or more modest budgets, a condensed version of the same hour-long show is offered.
However, they also add a considerable degree of verbal humour in their acts, perfectly capturing the gentlemanly extravagance of the Victorian era. This close-up magic pair is aware of the vaudeville tradition as much of their act is performed silently and to a very Victorian soundtrack.
This performance, which has enjoyed success across the nation, is in high demand and is available for booking at locations ranging from theatres to business functions. Additionally, they provide a special children's programme that aims to arouse viewers' wonder, mystery, and curiosity about the Victorian era.
Their peculiar act brings the affluent themes of the Belle Epoque along with them while yet delivering all the magical flavour you'd expect from a magic stage show. View their films to get a sense of the kind of magic they can do for audiences and add some old-world decadence to your event. This act is a great and light-hearted magic act guaranteed to win audience members' hearts. They wear perfectly observed costumes and have facial hair that has earned them fame on its own terms.
A Pro Tip
Children's Victorian Magic Act by this team is a magic performance created especially for younger viewers (and childish grown-ups). Check it out, and if you want to book it or have any other queries, get in touch with our team of entertainment specialists.
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