Book Video Mapping Dance Combat

Book Video Mapping Dance Combat

Book Video Mapping Dance Combat

Your guests will be amazed by the incredible Video Mapping Dance & Combat. High-tech visuals and traditional Japanese martial arts are combined in this one-of-a-kind video mapping Japanese performance to create an act that has never been seen before. As a result of the technology's ability to incorporate logos and branding into the video mapping, the astounding visual performance can be used to wow audiences around the globe and performs incredibly well as a product introduction.
This Japanese performance mixes the impressive use of Nunchaku with the rhythm and movement of Karate and Kabuki. A form of dramatic street dancing, kakuki is a staple of Japanese culture. This Japanese performer produces a unique video mapping dance display when the expert nunchuck use is combined with karate movements. В
They were established in 1991, and when they began to research the distinctiveness of Japanese tradition, they discovered that karate stances and kabuki postures have different rhythms and movements. To develop a whole new kind of dance, they took this rhythm and movement and mixed it with street dance. The video mapping dance presentation has a very distinctive style and appears to be karate but is actually not karate or dance.
The Japanese act has wowed audiences all around the world with their distinctive, breath-taking dance presentation. Their interactive video mapping concept incorporates projection and real-time figure tracking to give any event a WOW effect.
At the International Olympic Committee's opening ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, the Japanese act representing Asia performed the Video Mapping Dance & Combat. Additionally, Beyonce was inspired by this original dance presentation and used one of his routines at the Billboard Music Awards.
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