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Book Violin Video Mapping

Book Violin Video Mapping

Our very gifted Dancing Violin Show Act performs the hypnotising Violin Video Mapping. Classical music and contemporary music, as well as ballet and modern choreography, are combined in this magnificent live and audio visual music performance, which is presented using cutting-edge technology. В
Any audience can be enthralled by the magnificent visual and aural performance of the Violin Video Mapping concert. Visitors gape in surprise and ponder if the violinist is genuinely playing or if they are only acting out clever imagery. В
The visuals are not shown throughout this music video mapping performance, which is set against a black background. Our violinists appear to be living works of art because to the video mapping that is projected onto them while they are dressed in light-colored costumes. The violinist's amazing dance choreographies, which draw inspiration from everything from classical ballet to modern dance, turn the live music performance and visual mapping display into an electrifying extravaganza. В
To give your event a true WOW impact, rent the Violin Video Mapping. This performance offers entertainment with a twist because it is more than just live music or a dance display.
The violinists can adapt the routine for the client because they are very adaptable. There are single acts, duos, and quartets that perform music video mapping shows. There are numerous ways to modify the show so that it can feature anything from a DJ to the Berlin Show Orchestra. В
For more information on renting this outstanding violin video mapping display for your upcoming event, get in touch with our team of entertainment coordinators.

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