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FAQs Describe your online course Depending on the type of baking you choose, classes can range in size and duration. A Cozy Kitchen Maximum 20 motivated bakers who are willing to learn are the best candidates for this session. Both vocally and through the chat feature, the class is quite involved. The emphasis is on teaching the baking methods used in the session so that each guest receives personalised attention. It can last for an hour and a half to two hours, or 60 to 75 minutes. The Great Bake Ideal for gatherings of 20–100 people where guests wish to participate or just watch. To keep the lesson moving, the instructor provides information and advice using the chat feature. These sessions last one and a half to two hours, or 60 to 75 minutes. Live demo For larger classrooms with more than 100 students or for groups who are unable to bake together, this session works best. As this class is a demonstration, there will only be a small number of chat-based questions and answers. While certain ingredients may be prepared in advance for "show and tell," the chef will discuss skills and recommendations. These training sessions can go for 60 to 90 minutes. В 60- to 75-minute bake-along recipes (or 60 minute demos) Buttermilk biscuits are flaky, buttery pastries. Thumbprint Jamboree Cookies: jam-filled, buttery cookies that melt in your mouth. Apple Crisp: Create a handmade fruit crisp with a medley of seasonally appropriate flavours. Delicious drop cookies with chocolate chips, the Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies. Spicey gingerbread sweets with a tremendous punch: gingerbread molasses cookies! A lot of colourful sprinkles and a dash of lemon flavour are combined in these somewhat chewy, slightly crisp Rainbow Sprankle Cookies. Delectable scones—pick between Sweet (ginger) or Savory (goat cheese & herb) Recipes for bake-alongs lasting 90–120 minutes (or 90 minute demos) Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies from Butter Cookie Bonanza Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake: a delightful crumble topping and a flavorful surprise in the centre Cookies with chocolate chips Delicious chocolate chip cookies and standard American buttercream are combined in sammiches. Crisp but still a little chewy on the inside: Oatmeal Cream Pies Delicious Scones Create two recipes: one sweet (ginger) and one savoury (goat cheese herb) The Bake-usual along's ingredient list is as follows: AP Flour CORN SODA AvocadoCanola Oil (Or Any Veg Oil) Coconut Milk Milk Almond Butter (Can Substitute for Almond Butter) Powdered Sugar SaltSugarVanilla Can customers have their show modified for them? occasionally, with at least a month's advance notice. Knowing the client's priorities for the event—is it the duration or the recipe; the employees having a good time together or picking up a new skill?—helps. Some dishes take a long time to prepare, like making bread or decorating cookies. Some concepts could be harder for the class to grasp than others if they are unfamiliar. Participants need to enjoy themselves and feel accomplished. The possibility that a bake requires a demonstration rather than a bake-along increases with the bake's "wow" quality. Do you provide both recorded and live streaming of your shows? Our baker can provide pre-recorded content with roughly a month's notice, but she enjoys the excitement and pleasure of a live presentation. Knowing whether a client wants a session that seems like a one-take show, paced so that people can follow along, is crucial for the pre-recorded events. The alternative is to speed up some parts of it to make it more like a television programme. This has an impact on the recipes that can be made in a certain amount of time and cannot be undone after filming. Where is the set for your show? The event is now being held in our baking kitchen, but soon it will be moved to a demo stage within a new teaching kitchen. What kind of cameras are used in your virtual show, and how many? A single-camera shoot that faces the instructor and has a clear view of the workstation is usually done using a laptop, a wireless microphone, and umbrella lighting. В How much engagement is there with live audiences? В There is an on-screen instructor and a sidekick who reacts to visitors via the chat feature; interaction depending on audience size. What software do you employ? Zoom and Google Meets have been employed by our virtual baker. Are you assisted in the setup of your virtual exhibition by a technician? A sidekick facilitator is always included in our bookings to be available to participants on chat, communicate with the client throughout the performance, and provide technical assistance as necessary. Are there any requirements for participants? В Anyone participating in the programme should have access to necessary equipment (measuring cups & spoons, bowls, whisk, spatula, knife, baking pans). If special equipment is required, it will be noted (ie: mixer, rolling pin). Visitors are given a PDF with recipes, advice, and, if necessary, a shopping list. Are you willing to meet with the customer for a technical call or a rehearsal before the performance? В Our baker is ready to set up a technical call if given enough time.

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