Book Virtual Bingo Beats & Bubbles

Book Virtual Bingo Beats & Bubbles

Book Virtual Bingo Beats & Bubbles

How does it operate? Everyone will be in the mood for fun after playing this engaging, interactive game! Guests are treated to an evening of thrilling musical bingo, live-streamed on Zoom or another video conferencing platform. The difficulty is much more difficult than just being able to identify a track, making this musical bingo unlike any other. In addition to "naming that tune," guests will also need to keep an eye out for visual cues in the music video. Your live presenter will increase participation during the game by playing a variety of music, videos, and song excerpts and encouraging conversation. 2. How long are the sessions each? Each session runs for about 60 minutes and is the ideal complement to your online event. 3. What is required of participants? Guests will need a device to watch the host on, a reliable internet connection, and of course the bingo cards in order to participate. These can be downloaded and printed at home, or we can include a specially printed copy with your optional bubbly-hamper. The only other prerequisite for you as a host is a profile with a video conferencing system appropriate for the amount of guests you've chosen. How does the Bubbly Hamper work? You can also wish to put on our optional Bubbly Hamper if you want to make this experience extra unique. For everyone's zoom feed to be particularly engaging, our opulent hampers include a bottle of bubbly, a delectable box of chocolate chocolates, specially printed bingo cards branded with your logo or personalised message, as well as some fun game accoutrements. Please let us know if this is something in which you are interested, and we'll include it in your quote. 5. Who can participate? There is no needed minimum or maximum attendance; both large and small groups will enjoy this activity equally! The number of participants who can participate at once will primarily rely on the video conferencing software you are using6. Can you tailor this experience for you? This experience can be completely tailored! Depending on the theme of your event, we can provide a singing host who will perform their own interpretations of featured songs, one or more costumed characters (always a favourite with family audiences), or a comedy host to keep everyone laughing and having fun. Additionally, the bingo rounds can be modified to contain terms related to a theme of your choice, and you can even put on additional challenge rounds. The bingo cards can be custom printed with your corporate logo or a creative heading of your choice. There are many ways to customise this game to suit your tastes.

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