Book Virtual Breath Work Sessions

Book Virtual Breath Work Sessions

Book Virtual Breath Work Sessions

What can I anticipate from the breath work session? Participants in this breath work workshop will have a thorough understanding of how breathing habits impact mood. They will learn about their individual breathing patterns and the advantages of having healthy breathing throughout the day and night. Then, the visitors will be shown some strategies to help them feel calm, focused, and energised. The visitors will leave this programme having learned some useful breathing methods that can be incorporated into daily life. 2. How long does an average session last? Depending on your needs, the session may last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, but it will generally last an hour. 3. Can the session be tailored to the needs of my company? Whether you want the audience to be rested at the end of the session or energised, our breathwork specialist may customise her session to achieve your desired results. She can also make some gorgeous baskets that have a candle, some essential oils, a breathing technique book, a pillow, and an eye mask to go along with the session. (Please be aware that this is liable to change.) 4. Do you have a favourite internet platform? Zoom is the chosen platform. 5. What is necessary for attendees to participate in the session? Just a pair of lungs, please!

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