Book Virtual Calligraphy Masterclass

Book Virtual Calligraphy Masterclass

Book Virtual Calligraphy Masterclass

What should the visitors anticipate from the online workshop? For corporate clients, our host gives a live online class where she teaches the fundamentals of contemporary calligraphy. She can give you a one-hour lesson that includes all the knowledge you need to begin calligraphy. She will discuss the equipment, the calligraphy writing methods, and offer some advice. A demonstration of how to write letters will conclude the lesson. В The professional calligrapher can also offer a 2-hour session that covers everything covered in the 1-hour session while also giving participants time to write throughout the lesson and ask questions while they continue to practise. This section is crucial for calligraphy learning, which is practice-based learning. Choosing the two-hour session will allow guests to practise calligraphy during the lesson and appreciate the beauty of the craft. 2. How many people are suggested for the optimum experience? For the masterclass, a smaller group of about 10–20 people is ideal so that the subject matter expert can truly concentrate on the participants and their questions. 3. What will the visitors require to fully enjoy the event? Each visitor will receive a kit package with all the necessary items for the virtual session. Pen, nib, ink, and paper sheets will all be included in the boxes. 4. How is the setup for the virtual session? Our host will conduct the virtual session from her studio using two HD cameras—one to film her from the front and the other to show the table—so that the participants may see her writing while she conducts the masterclass.

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