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There are three game options available: Cybercrime 1: You and your competent team have recently been hired to crack a notorious murder case that is largely modelled on real FBI cold cases. Notes, research, and live discussion with other detectives and our host/moderator are encouraged. Just be aware that there are criminals among you. No matter what you do, don't answer the door and don't trust ANYONE! Key pieces of evidence in Cybercrime 2 have been destroyed just before the trial, and a federal judge is prepared to throw the case out. Fortunately, the crime scene has been reproduced in 360-degree high definition and has been carefully preserved. Searching the crime scene with your team of investigators, you will communicate with the District Attorney via video chat. Before the judge bangs their gavel and rules you out, you only have 45 minutes to gather the evidence, solve the case, and present your nds to the court. Be quick! Teams of players are formed, and each team has access to and mobility around the crime scene. В Virtual Team Scavenger Hunt: Teams must work together to finish as many tasks as they can; tasks have a point value. Tasks might range from trivia, word searches, and math problems to photo and video challenges that require you to scavenge, create, sing, dance, or play. Various missions have different point values. The live host will evaluate each mission after it is finished and decide its accuracy. The assignment and its points will be lost if it is rejected, and your team will be notified on the game app. Then your team can tackle the challenge once more and submit it again. 200 points are awarded for simple tasks, 400 for medium, 600 for hard, and 1,000 for difficult missions. A score of 1,000. One team member can only finish each mission once per team. Develop a game plan to take on as many assignments as you can to earn the most points. A strategy is essential. Choose the task you want to finish by scrolling through the available tasks. To view the complete description, click it. Click "Enter Answer" for puzzles, riddles, and trivia questions. Next, type your solution and click "Submit Evidence." To return to the camera on the gaming app, click "Update Evidence" for photo or video submissions. Click "Submit Evidence" after you've taken the image or video you want to use as evidence. The virtual treasure hunt may have a theme. Choose from teen-friendly learning activities like detective-style searches, theater-themed missions, and science-based assignments. Additionally, there are seasonal alternatives and military-based missions, which are perfect for entertaining members of the armed forces. Question 1: What is the setup? A secure website hosts the game session over Zoom. The host and moderators have received training to help with game-related technological issues. Our hosts will be pleased to talk with you if you need to before the event to address any technical concerns. В 2. How long are the sessions each? There is 45 minutes of gameplay during the 60-minute simulated performance. 3. How many participants are allowed? For virtual sleuthing, there can be as few as one person and as many as 500, while groups of 20 to 200 people can participate in a treasure hunt. 4. Are there any requirements for participants? A strong, dependable internet connection and access to Zoom. В You need TWO separate devices for the Virtual Team Scavenger Hunt. Both the second device (a smartphone or tablet) and the first device (a laptop or computer) can be used for video conferencing. Make sure both devices are fully charged. Five. Is the programme interactive? The games have a lot of interactivity. To unravel the mystery, players will collaborate with our live actor/moderators and as a team. Before the research is over, an answer form will be sent to each participant. The Top Cyber Sleuth who has the correct solutions and the most incriminating information will receive a reward for their sleuthing prowess. Participants are invited to converse with one another, but keep your sharp observations to yourselves since there can only be one winner! В 6. Is this experience customizable? We can personalise the experience by using logos.

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