Book Virtual Gatsby Dance Workshops

Book Virtual Gatsby Dance Workshops

Book Virtual Gatsby Dance Workshops

What can I anticipate from this online workshop? This event is being live-streamed through Zoom. For the workshop, our host employs a single, stationary camera and often broadcasts from home. Nevertheless, depending on the event budget, she does also provide the choice of live-streaming from a professional studio or on site. When you inquire, please specify your preference so that we can provide a quote appropriately. After a brief warm-up, our elegant 1920s dancer will guide guests through a variety of straightforward but genuine Charleston moves before showcasing how they combine in a brief performance. By the end of the course, your internet visitors will be shimmying like authentic flapper dancers! 2. How long is this online encounter? The duration of this online dancing session can be customised to meet your event's needs, but for the best guest experience, we suggest up to an hour. В 3. What prerequisites must guests meet in order to take part? To see the programme, visitors will need a gadget with a camera and a dependable internet connection. In order to walk around and dance, kids will also need some comfortable attire and a little amount of space. You will also require access to a video conferencing system that can accommodate the guests you have designated as the host.

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