Book Virtual Gingerbread Workshop

Book Virtual Gingerbread Workshop

Book Virtual Gingerbread Workshop

1. What will be covered at the workshop? Your gingerbread workshop will start with an explanation of what will happen during the class and what the participants will need. The instructor will then proceed to walk the audience through the assembly of the gingerbread house step by step while also taking questions from the public. The visitors will next be shown a few creative ways to decorate the gingerbread home with royal icing and how to utilise it. Your guests will have finished the session with a gorgeous holiday delicacy they can eat or leave as a Christmas decoration. How long is the workshop, exactly? The fun workshop will last for 30 minutes. 3. Can the workshop be filmed or webcast live? A virtual platform will live-stream the programme. It can be addressed if you need a recorded video. 4. Is the show being broadcast live interactive? When the participants are making their holiday sweets, our artist will be happy to answer any questions they may have. 5. How many visitors are permitted? В 20 participants is the optimal number to ensure that our artist can respond to all queries within the allotted time. We can talk about include any other people, if you'd like. 6. Is the workshop adaptable? Yes, our teacher may include the logo of your business in the background, and she is willing to talk about other customization options. 7. On what devices should the workshop be held? Either Zoom or Google Meets are suitable platforms for the workshop. Which workshops are offered? Three workshops are offered for various skill levels, including the following: - A workshop featuring six gingerbread treats - Gingerbread House Workshop, which features Santa, his sleigh, some trees, and some reindeer. 9. What will the attendees need to complete the workshop? Yes, a gingerbread kit will be needed for the visitors. You can order the kit from us depending on which workshop you want.

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