Book Virtual Interactive Zoom Quiz

Book Virtual Interactive Zoom Quiz

Book Virtual Interactive Zoom Quiz

FAQs 1. What should I expect from this online quiz? This is a live-streamed, fully interactive event that allows for friendly banter between contestants and the host as well as additional challenges that fully involve the audience in addition to the usual quiz-style rounds. Before the 90-minute quiz, participants can check in and listen to a pre-mixed DJ set for up to 30 minutes while chatting with other online participants and downloading or printing answer papers. В This game test your general knowledge, movie and music trivia (with the added twist of visitors guessing when the song vocals begin), and can even include extra physical tasks or a beat the boss round. It contains up to 25 questions. В В Our host will go through the answers with you and determine the winner at the conclusion of the evening. 2. Can you customise this quiz? Absolutely! You can choose from a variety of question rounds in this quiz, like "what occurred next?" and "predict the chocolate bar being eaten," to name a couple. However, our host can also modify the quiz to fit different themes or businesses (for instance, a birthday quiz that is based around a certain individual or a corporate quiz that incorporates the business). Just let us know what you have in mind in advance. 3. How many visitors are allowed to attend? No fewer than 4 online visitors and no more than 50 are recommended for the most engaging interactive experience.

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