Book Virtual Live Function Band

Book Virtual Live Function Band

Book Virtual Live Function Band

What should I anticipate from this virtual experience? Usually, this takes the form of a live feed using Zoom or another video conferencing service. The band can really customise the experience to the mood you want to create for your online event and performs from a wide range of repertoire. To provide your online visitors an unforgettable virtual experience, a tech crew behind the scenes can also produce grandiose effects like exciting stage lighting, haze, or fog machines. В This is interactive, right? Absolutely! You may add an online chat function so the band can talk to listeners between songs and even take song suggestions, which is just one of the entertaining ways to make this an interactive and interesting experience for your online viewers. 3. Is it possible to modify this performance? Yes! Numerous options are available with our Virtual Function Band to customise this experience especially for your online event. The line-up, set-list, lighting, stage effects, and addition of extra cameras for even more dynamic viewpoints can all be customised. The band is open to hearing your suggestions as well because they want to make this event as distinctive as possible. If you have anything else in mind, please let us know.

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