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Book Virtual Music Meditation

Frequently Asked Questions Please give a detailed description of your online workshop.There will be a meet and greet to welcome guests and invite them to prepare their spaces with warm tea, pillows, blankets, and their best headphones.This is followed by an introduction and a summary of the session and the music. Following a five-minute opening meditation, a guided meditation with an awareness exercise to bring awareness through the body and let go of distractions, there will be four of the artist's cello works, each with a low grounding tone and contemplative melodies. One minute of silence and two minutes of guided breathing and mindfulness are included in numbers two through four. Can your presentation be tailored for clients? The final five minutes are for a closing meditation and a wrap-up, after which participants write in the chat one word to convey how they feel and open the floor for questions or remarks. If so, please be as specific as you can about how. How long does it take to build a bespoke design? Yes. Timing variations of 20, 30, or 45 minutes are possible. There can be more emphasis on sound healing with a more fact-based introduction about the benefits. Audience interaction and participation can be varied, including integrating a writing task or journal prompt or vocal toning. Generally speaking, our cello player does not play for longer than 60 minutes unless it's with someone else. Less or no meditation in some cultures prohibits meditation in other forms. If that's the case, how long does it take you to make a pre-recorded video for a client? Only live music meditation experiences are provided by our cellist. Where is your performance taking place? В The show is set up in the artist's living room. The space is lit by ceiling lighting, a hanging lamp, and two standing lamps. There is a professional audio soundcard with a two-microphone setup for audio, one for the voice and one for the cello. The internet connection is stable because there is an Ethernet cable. How many cameras are used in your virtual show, and how good are they? What degrees of audience interaction are present during the session using a single camera, a Sony a7C compact full-frame mirrorless camera with a 35mm 1.8f prime lens? How does this operate? The meet and greets at the beginning and the conclusion are when there is the most contact. In the case of a small gathering, participants are advised to use the microphone and turn on their cameras so the cello player can see their faces. The chat feature is advised for larger groups to use. There is no audience participation during the meditation, and they are free to turn off their cameras, but she checks in with them between each piece and instructs them to reflect on the music they just heard and pay attention to their breathing. You can choose how much interaction you want. What type of platform do you favour for your virtual show? Which additional media channels have you used? Zoom is the platform our artist uses the most (most interaction, worst audio), followed by YouTube (least interaction, best audio). She has utilised Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, but in order to transmit audio in a professional quality on all platforms, a live stream must be used as a workaround. She uses YouTube to stream for Google Meet, and the meeting's host also uses Chrome. She needs to set up a live stream and encoder for Microsoft Teams, which the host shares. Do you have a technician who assists with the setup of your virtual show? If not, describe how you address technical difficulties during a live stream. Our amazing player handles all technical parts of the performance herself, and as a musician who studied sound engineering, she has an excellent grasp of the sound. How long is your virtual show? The length of the presentation is usually an hour. Are there any requirements for visitors to be able to participate? 30-minute sessions are also offered upon request. Is there a minimum and maximum allowed attendance for the show? What should spectators bring with them? A pillow, a blanket, a warm beverage, and a nice pair of headphones. There is no set minimum for attendance, and the number of attendees is determined by the platform. YouTube has no upper limit. Are you willing to meet with the customer for a technical call or a rehearsal before the performance? She is happy to log in 15 minutes before the event for Zoom and YouTube, but the technical call must take place at the same location as the performance and use the same connection. Yes, a technical call or rehearsal session is available for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and any other platform the artist is unfamiliar with or requires an extra step to set up. Are there any platforms that you prefer not to operate on or that are incompatible with your act? Because there is no way to turn off audio processing on the native Google Meet and Microsoft Teams platforms, our musician advises against utilising them. She does, however, have a solution for both platforms that uses live-streaming to give expert-caliber audio.

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