Book Virtual Technology Illusionist

Book Virtual Technology Illusionist

Book Virtual Technology Illusionist

FAQs1. How does it function? Guests are treated to a vast interactive experience that combines the latest technology and can include LED Screens, video projections, green screen technology, augmented reality, and even holograms during our Virtual Technology Illusionist's show, which is live-streamed over Zoom or another video conferencing platform. Our illusionist uses three cameras with ultra-high quality to live-stream from his studio. He can create an incredible online magic experience with the help of a large staff of technicians, engineers, and directors, as well as this TV studio-quality setup2. How long does the magic performance last online? This show typically lasts between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the needs of your event. To better suit your purposes, this can be modified further.3. Can you customise the virtual magic show? В Absolutely! Our illusionist can incorporate brand logos, colour palettes, or custom visuals and messaging. Our illusionist has access to amazing technology and is constantly eager to explore new ideas and find new solutions for his customizations4, so if you have anything else in mind, please let us know. What is required of guests in order to participate? A device to view the show on, a reliable wifi connection, plus some basic household items like a deck of cards are required. For your chosen number of visitors, you as the host will also require access to a compatible video conferencing platform.

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