Book Virtual Tours of South America

Book Virtual Tours of  South America

Book Virtual Tours of South America

FAQs1. What should I anticipate from this online tour? Our very skilled tour guide will be in charge of either a fully live-streamed experience or a previously recorded tour; you can choose which option you want. With more than 20 years of tour-hosting expertise, he loves to show visitors his beautiful country and makes this a genuinely educational and entertaining experience. How does this encounter operate? Depending on the needs of your occasion, our host can offer a variety of options for this tour. You must first choose which location—Wayna Capac Palace, Ollantaytambo, Pisaq, Cusco City, or Machu Picchu—you would like to virtually visit. Then, depending on the weather, our host can either make a pre-recorded exploration of the area for you full of interesting facts and incredible sites, or he can live-stream the event. If you'd prefer that our tour guide be in front of the camera, we may make arrangements for another team member to go with him so that he can record the views. Simply let us know your preferences for your virtual event! 3. Is this a dialogue? Yes! Our tour guides encourage questions throughout the live-streamed experience and aim to foster the same levels of interaction that you would experience if you were taking the tour for yourself4. What is required of guests to participate? All your online visitors will need is a suitable gadget and a reliable internet connection to watch the tour. You will also require access to a video conferencing platform as the host that can accommodate the amount of participants you have selected. Although our host prefers Zoom, other video conferencing solutions will also be taken into consideration.

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