Book Virtual Zoom Cocktail Class & Quiz

Book Virtual Zoom Cocktail Class & Quiz

Book Virtual Zoom Cocktail Class & Quiz

What can attendees expect from the quiz and virtual cocktail class? Visitors may anticipate an engaging, entertaining encounter. The mixologist will start out with a welcoming statement and make sure everyone is ready for the event and has everything they need. The first cocktail the visitors choose will be served to them, and they will also learn about the history of the drinks and hear some interesting trivia. There will also be ideas for modifying the drinks for a different occasion. В Before going on to the second cocktail and the disclosure of the results, guests will be treated to a 15-question quiz with questions centred around alcohol. Another cocktail can be added if you want to experience it for a longer period of time. 2. How long is the online encounter? There are two choices available: Option 1: Two cocktails or mocktails for an hour. Choice 2: About 90 minutes, including 3 beverages or mocktails. 3. Will the visitors need anything in order to participate? Yes, the kit box that will be delivered before the event is needed by the visitors. Along with ice and drinkware, they will also require a chopping board depending on the cocktail of choice, a pen, and paper for the quiz. В 4. Is it possible to customise the virtual experience? Yes! In addition to personalising the quiz to reflect your business, we can also add a customised message to the presentation and a personalised note to the kit boxes. 5. Is the experience recordable in advance? This is feasible if your guests would like a pre-recorded video. Depending on the level of customization requested, the creation time will be around 7 days. As this is a pre-recorded film, there will be little opportunity for interaction. What platforms is the programme available on? The interactive cocktail class and quiz will be held on Zoom.

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