Book Vocal Accordion Violin Trio

Book Vocal Accordion Violin Trio

Book Vocal Accordion Violin Trio

The vocalist, accordionist, and violinist in this classic French music trio perform gypsy-swing, Bal-musette (a prominent music genre in Paris in the 1880s), and java, giving your event a true French cafe ambiance.
They strive to convey a tale through their music, drawing inspiration from the common practise of French street singers. Their repertoire includes French classics like "C'est Un Gars" and "Air de Paname." All excellent musicians and energetic entertainers, they have delighted audiences at numerous gatherings all across Europe. Their adaptable performance style, which is soft and lyrical, makes them ideal for lively festivities and festivals as well as mellow dinner parties and business gatherings.
Add a touch of Parisian style to your gathering!

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