Book Walkabout Alice in Wonderland Characters UK

Book Walkabout Alice in Wonderland Characters UK

Book Walkabout Alice in Wonderland Characters UK

Walkabout characters from Alice in Wonderland will transport your guests to a fantastical setting as they accompany a variety of odd characters on a voyage through the rabbit hole. All the beloved characters from the narrative, including Alice, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and the White Queen, are featured in a wonderful travelling act. These entertainers will be the cherry on top of your celebration, wonderfully enhancing your Alice in Wonderland theme. Select your favourite or only one of the seven artists to finish your themed event.
Meet The Classic Tale Characters
Our walkabout characters have exquisite, high-quality costumes and flawless stage makeup, making them appear as though they have just left a storybook. When combined with our performer's professional acting skills, this creates a highly immersive and interactive performance that brings your Alice in Wonderland theme to life.
To provide the most comprehensive, all-encompassing Alice in Wonderland-themed event experience, our professional walkabout characters always go totally into character, adopting the distinct personas of each of the Alice in Wonderland characters they are portraying.
Events With Immersive Experiences That Can't Be Beat!
The performers will tour your event and mingle with attendees, leaving guests in awe of the quality of the costumes and the character personalities they portray: the lunacy of the crazy hatter, the strictness of the queen of hearts, and the sweetness of Alice.
The ideal mix-and-mingle entertainment to welcome guests, pose for pictures, and act out the crazy situations from Alice's Tales in Wonderland, giving your guests the impression that the novel is actually coming to life in front of them.
The two character costume types included in this roaming act make it a great alternative for mix-and-mingle entertainment. It is perfect for themed events, product launches, cocktail receptions, private parties, corporate events, and more.
Super Tip
Why not try our Alice in Horrorland characters for a darker, scarier spin on this Alice in Wonderland travelling act? Ideal for parties with a horror or Halloween theme.
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