Book Walkaround Human Robot Berlin

Book Walkaround Human Robot Berlin

Book Walkaround Human Robot Berlin

These amazing Walkaround Human Robots provide a wandering show that is completely participatory. They can greet your guests by being stationed at the venue's entrance. They make the ideal meet-and-greet characters and are a great backdrop for photos, creating enduring memories.
These monochrome robots, which were once a component of an art installation, have travelled the world performing at events for major brands like Sony, Porsche, Lenovo, and IMB as well as at festivals across the world like Glastonbury UK, Street Show Bangkok, and Pflasterspektakel Austria. Additionally, they have participated in a number of trade shows, including Sugar Factory Amsterdam and Hannover Messe.
These intriguing living robots will provide a contemporary vibe to any event thanks to their unmistakable white skin and sophisticated black clothes. They can even deliver a scripted stage act as an event highlight. As they welcome visitors, mix and mingle, host, and spontaneously burst into dance, they will have people wondering if they are man or machine.
Their discrete black and white look may be tailored to the client's requirements, and their black suits can feature branding on the chest and back, providing a special method to promote your brand or business. This modern mime act offers a wide range of options and is appropriate for practically any occasion!
The following characters are also available as walk-around human robots:
Butler sBell Boy sWaiters
Saint Nick
coloured formal suits
Construction Site Video Characters
At your event, one to four wandering robots will engage with attendees in a variety of ways. They are happy to stand for photos and can even do close-up entertainment from table to table, pass out product samples, serve drinks to guests, kiss women's hands, etc. Robots come in two male and two female varieties.
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