Book Wedding Painter- Hire Live Event Artist

Book Wedding Painter- Hire Live Event Artist

Book Wedding Painter- Hire Live Event Artist

Hire one of our spectacular live performers to add a special touch of enchantment to your occasion. Before your very eyes, our event painter makes stunning portraits and paintings of your event, creating a unique work of art for you to cherish always. Our incredible wedding artist is the ideal choice to record and immortalise your special day and provide you with a stunning work of art to remember it by, and her remarkable talent as an artist ensures that it will be a true masterpiece.
The top ten best selling painters live today according to the UK Fine Art Trade Awards include this wedding painter, and her expressive, passionate style of painting will undoubtedly result in a painting that you and your guests will adore. At any wedding or event, guests will be astounded to watch as our live portrait artist creates a custom painting right before their own eyes. Watching the painting advance and develop over the day will make for an exciting and captivating sight.
Our outstanding live event artist is among the most gifted and imaginative painters in the UK, and thanks to her expressive brushstrokes and classical training from all over the world, the final product will be a priceless and lovely keepsake for you to cherish. This incredibly talented bridal artist has had her works shown globally in the UK, the USA, and United States. Her live portrait work has astounded audiences at events like the Hilton London, Hyde Park, the Duke of Cornwall, and many other notable individuals.
The bride and groom will love receiving this event painter as a gift because it will provide them a lovely and romantic memory of their wedding day. By hiring our wedding painter, you can make sure that your special day will always be remembered for the gorgeous artwork it inspired from a master painter.
Best Practice: Our gifted painter is also capable of producing exquisite portraits and fashion sketches. Visit her Event Fashion Illustrator page to learn more about her work as a fashion watercolour artist.
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