Book White Themed Living Statues

Book White Themed Living Statues

Book White Themed Living Statues

These White Themed Living Statues, two pillars that create a gorgeous wedding altar, will astound attendees at your event!
These stunning white living statues, placed at the entrance of your reception site, can greet guests with a smile. Our customised human sculptures can dismount from their steed and wander the grounds of your location or walk newlyweds to their celebration.
This themed street act is a popular choice for mix-and-mingle entertainment since it offers a striking visual aspect to any event. Our themed human statues are happy to perform with other artists and can join a procession or a troupe of circus performers. The images up above show several instances of this.
These lovely white live sculptures are not only the ideal finishing touch for any event decor, but they also make for a wonderful photo opportunity. Everyone will approach our performers to pose for photos and capture priceless memories in the form of images since they are eager to interact with your guests in a variety of ways.
These white live statues are the ideal mix and mingle entertainment option for weddings and are well suited for a range of events. This themed street act is appropriate for a variety of themed occasions, including festivals, product and brand launches, corporate events, and street festivities.
Top Tip: These adaptable street performers have a wide range of outfits that go with different themes. Check out their page for Themed Living Statues Portugal to learn more about their selections.
For parties and gatherings in Portugal and throughout the world, Bella Entertainment provides a variety of mix-and-mingle entertainment.
Contact us right away to learn more about these White Themed Living Statues. Your inquiries concerning this themed street act will be more than happily answered by our knowledgeable staff of entertainment specialists, who will also walk you through the booking procedure.

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