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Book Wonderland Cirque

Get transported to a new realm as our breathtaking magical production brings the timeless tales of Alice in Wonderland to life and captures the interest of viewers of all ages. Watch as your favourite characters from Alice in Wonderland come to life in front of your very eyes as they interact with a colourful cast of characters, including the singing and dancing Mad Hatter (who is as crazy as a hare), the White Rabbit (who is perpetually late for everything), the diabolo-spinning, yo-yo-throwing Cheshire Cat, and the White Rabbit, whose hat-spinning, yo-yo-throwing, and
Whether you are organising a wonderland theme event, children's party, or anything in between, there truly is no limit to what this beautiful performance may be booked for. It is a magnificent fantasy presentation for the entire family that will fascinate and delight your audiences.
All of your favourite characters from Alice in Wonderland are included in our in-house production, including the terrible Queen of Hearts, who has been suffering for a long time since she misplaced the key to her heart. Join Alice and her friends as she descends the rabbit hole in search of the missing key that will permanently restore happiness to Wonderland.
An outstanding ensemble of eight professional actors, dancers, singers, and circus artists who enthralled audiences and onlookers at City Walk for the United States Shopping Festival are certain to deliver top-notch entertainment that is popular with viewers from all over the world.
The presentation, which is sure to win the audience over, combines rhyming storytelling with stunning visual effects, well-known upbeat music, circus abilities, and dancing. A presentation with a wow factor that is appropriate for the whole family is made possible by the mix of amazing costumes and makeup that helps bring the characters to life. Upon request, our in-house fantasy performance can be accompanied by stunning visuals to create an immersive environment for viewers of all ages to lose themselves in.
Contact our entertainment specialists right away to reserve a seat for our magnificent in-house Alice in Wonderland show!

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