Canadian Roller Skate Duo – Book Roller Skating Dance | Quebec

Canadian Roller Skate Duo – Book Roller Skating Dance | Quebec

Canadian Roller Skate Duo – Book Roller Skating Dance | Quebec

Our incredibly vivacious male and female Canadian Roller Skate Duo perform exhilarating shows on a tiny podium. They are a very dynamic and incredibly elegant couple. Their acrobatic skating performances have dazzled crowds at several events across the world for years, gathering experience in various settings.
The French Canadian Roller Skate Duo captivates audiences with their powerful roller skating dance routines. They perform some genuinely amazing acrobatics that will send your guests spinning. Their dance performances on roller skates are a seamless fusion of strength, agility, and talent paired with exact choreographies.
This acrobatic skating act is ideal as the centrepiece of an event and can serve as the main attraction with or without additional entertainment. From business dinner parties to cabaret performances and circuses, the roller skate dance creates an unforgettable experience. The Canadian Roller Skate Duo has the ability to modify their routines and come up with new ones. The pair is also open to trying out new themed clothing and has a large selection of elegant and fashionable costumes that can be used to complement the theme of your event.
The duo's former clients included Cirque du Soleil, 45 Degrees, Palazzo, GOP-Variet, Flip Fabrique, and they even had an appearance on France's Got Talent.
The exciting Canadian Roller Skate Duo may be brought to your place with the help of our hardworking staff of entertainment experts, who are dispersed over the globe. Get in touch with us to learn more about booking, and we can provide performance footage upon request.

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